Transportation Solutions Spanning 48 States

These enclosed trailers are often used in moving dry goods across the nation. Very versatile as a means of transporting packaged food, clothing, machinery, electronics and other general freight. As the most common mode of transportation we can offer very competitive rates with substantial capacity.

Its also flexible with the option to accommodate the Drop Trailer format allowing you to both load and unload trailers when convenient. With a heightened level of security and protection you can rest comfortably knowing your cargo is secure.


Our clean, state-of-the-art temperature controlled trailers will keep your freight in a perfect climate every mile of the way. Should your cargo need to be kept frozen, refrigerated or above freezing we’ve got you covered. Our professional drivers consistently monitor and maintain their equipment with the utmost care.

Maximum quality retention is of the highest priority, though we also understand how important time sensitivity is as well. Through intelligent route planning and experienced drivers we’ll make sure that cargo is delivered on-time.


Lost Brothers will help you find the right equipment and open deck trailer for whatever complex shipment you may be facing. When dealing with such freight we seek to understand every specific detail such as the dimensions, weight, whether tarps or required, etc. so we can ensure secure transit.

This will also assist us in minimizing load time and eliminating delays. We hold our carriers to the strictest and highest standards to mitigate risk of damage and provide peace of mind to our customers.